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HAROLD'S Customization Process

Once you’ve selected the category of garment you want to create with HAROLD, customizing it to suit your particular tastes is an easy, intuitive, and (most importantly) exciting process. Here are the key stages of the customization process.
4 Steps to Creating Your Ultimate Harold Custom Garment

Step 1. Choose Your Garment

From traditional suits and shirts to jersey polos and trench coats.

Step 2. Choose Your Fabric

From modern technical fabrics to the more traditional, choose from our extensive selection of fabrics from some of the world’s best mills.

Step 3. Dive into the Details

More pockets? We can do that. A custom-printed lining? We’ll make it happen. Monogramming? Definitely.

Step 4. Build Your Fit Profile

Get measured by our talented Clothing Advisors and build your fit profile to make re-ordering simple


Inspired by your vision and guided by our style advisors, HAROLD allows you to customize every detail from a range of foundational garments to deliver a look as unique as you are. With HAROLD, we want you to call the shots and define your everyday style.