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6 Street Style Lessons from This Season’s European Fashion Weeks

Here are a few things you can learn from real well-dressed men.

By: Ben KrizDate: 2023-01-27

Over the past two weeks, stylish men from around the world gathered first at menswear trade-fair Pitti Uomo in Florence and then onwards to Milan and Paris for each city’s respective fashion week. While these fashionable gents were there for business, it never hurts being snapped by the ubiquitous street style photographers hanging outside the shows. We sent Montréal photographer Marc Richardson (@shooting.people) to capture some of the best looks.

These fashion weeks and trade fairs are a brilliant opportunity to see what ‘real’ – (albeit fashion-focused) men are wearing and how we might apply it to our own lives. “There was a noticeable shift away from casual, streetwear-adjacent looks towards more classical, tailoring-adjacent pieces. Less in the way of hype, statement sneakers and more timeless tennis sneakers, loafers, lace-up boots and the like,” Richardson says. Here are a few clear themes we spotted and how you can apply them.

Brown Is Big

Tonal browns and beiges made a big impact as these rich tones and simple, muted pairings made for masterful looks. If you’re the type who lives in blacks, blues and greys – browns and beiges can be daunting to wear, but it’s a pragmatic colour. If in doubt, start with your footwear, pair with a piece of outerwear and match tones from there.

Make It Pop

Amidst the muted tones were vibrant colours that offer a prescription for the winter blues. “Taken together, the looks on the street from Florence, Milan and Paris offer a snapshot of the wider colour palette,” explains Richardson. “Lots of neutrals in Italy — beige, grey, dark midnight blue, black — with vibrant pops of colour in Paris.” Pick one piece – a colourful sweater, a striking toque or scarf and keep the rest of your outfit muted.

Win in White Pants

That old adage don’t wear white after Labour Day? Too American. Do like our chic European friends and wear white through the winter as a refreshing contrast against darker tones. It’s knowing, it’s brave, and it elevates an otherwise flat look. Officine Générale’s Pierre Maheo regularly wears white jeans through the winter with his usual palate of navy and grey and is consistently one of the best-dressed men around.

Says Richardson, “while it's by no means a new trend, there’s something that remains alluring about white trousers, especially when mixed with a colourful top or pair of socks.” We couldn’t agree more.

Protect Your Neck

Scarves and bandanas were on show everywhere, providing warmth, wind protection and a splash of visual appeal. “A grey Balmacaan coat worn, wool combat trousers and a blue shirt worn by Nick Wooster here was livened up with colourful silk neckerchiefs and scarves, which offer a more casual alternative to neckties,” Richardson explains.

Check It Off

While in recent years, the streets of fashion weeks were filled with logos and graphic prints, this year saw more of a return to classic patterns like herringbone, houndstooth and gun club checks.

“Even celebs, like footballer Serge Gnabry, moved away from the logo-driven statement pieces worn at shows in recent seasons for more subtle pieces that riff on classic prints and stand out via texture, rather than trademark,” says Richardson.


Reports of the tie’s demise have been greatly exaggerated because, don’t look now, they were everywhere over the last fashion fortnight. “Neckties are also definitely a thing heading forward, explains Richardson. “Whether worn ironically — say with an untucked shirt or under a varsity jacket — or more traditionally.” Pull yours out of the back of your closet or, by all means, pick up a new one because it’s still a strong sartorial move.

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