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You Are Swift

Better Than Ever: The Cloudswift 3

On is simply for those who prefer to thrive. Befittingly, their Cloudswift 3 runner stepped up its game for S/S ‘23, so you can step up yours – plus, we asked a few of our Canadian influencer friends to showcase how they wear On shoes.


Your Urban Ally

As you can see, Toronto’s Daniel Ocean is having a nice evening out to himself. From heavy training sessions to kicking it back, you’re bound to lose yourself in the cadence of such a lively city when you’re in a pair of shoes that can do it all. Mr. Ocean contrasts his covert outfit with some polarizing shades – looking pretty sweet, Daniel.


Stepping it Up

It's looking like Kyle Yuan’s Cloudswift 3 runners took him to new heights – quite literally. The Calgary based influencer is big on the shoe’s upper sole made from 100% recycled materials, comfortable redesigned sole, and pop of colour it injects into his look. Even once he gets down from that rooftop, you won’t be able to miss him.


Big Smiles

Renaud Blanchet – a man of many faces. He lifts, he runs, and he likes wine almost as much as he does his On Running gear. While Renaud might be in the middle of some serious conditioning, you can tell he’s having a blast making his way around the streets of Montreal – look at that smile! And that moustache!


Swift Worldwide

Whether he’s urban trekking in his hometown, hitting the trails, or exploring on his travels, Derek Kesseler is a go-anywhere-kinda-guy. Engineered for softer landings and smoother rolling motions than its predecessor, the Cloudswift 3 lets Derek thrive in Vancouver’s dynamic landscape. Derek is definitely swift in his On runners.
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