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Tailored For You



Here at Harry HQ we believe the best way to experience the luxury of Made To Measure is in-person.


Sure, you have to get yourself to a store but once there you’ll enjoy the benefit of skilled service from a highly-trained advisor who’s very role is to guide you through the process and precisely record your detailed measurements.


We understand that tailored clothing is a considerable investment. So if your new suit doesn’t fit as well as it should, you’re missing out.



Raise Your Game


A well-tailored suit is like your armour. It inspires confidence and instantly raises your game. So, if you’ve been toying with idea of creating a garment that is uniquely yours, now is a great time to get started.


Starting Saturday, January 20, we’re kicking off the year with Harry’s Made To Measure sale featuring custom suits from Canada’s Samuelsohn and Coppley starting at $999.99. These two homegrown businesses have been quietly crafting high-quality tailored clothing for men since the late 1800s. In fact, a young Harry first sought out their tailoring expertise early on when he opened his first small store back in 1954.


Thanks to these longstanding ties, we’re uniquely positioned to pass along some end-of-season savings to you. You see, at this time of year manufacturers often have a small surplus of fabrics leftover from some of the finest mills across Europe. These remaining pieces are made available to us for less. You get the same high-quality fabric and superior level of craftsmanship but at a significantly discounted price. Win/Win.


Not familiar with these brands? Maybe it’s a case of typical Canadian modesty. But we think there’s something really remarkable about local tailors and artisans having a hand in crafting your clothing here at home to the highest international standards.



A Tailored History: Coppley & Samuelsohn


COPPLEY: Founded in Hamilton in 1883, the company got its start in a building known as the Commercial Block, now regarded as one of the finest pre-confederation stone buildings in the region.


The company flourished through the ‘60s and ‘70s along with Harry Rosen, and earned a reputation as a forward-thinking and fashionable apparel firm. Having been creating outstanding tailored pieces for over 120 years, and drawing on a heritage of distinctive British style and meticulous Canadian workmanship, Coppley has created an unmistakably modern form of design and luxury that endures today.



SAMUELSOHN: Throughout Samuelsohn’s history, the driving force behind creation and innovation has always been a steadfast commitment to craft and a continuing passion for the finest in luxury menswear.


The Montreal-based brand dates back to 1923 when Master Tailor Lesser Samuelsohn migrated from New York to Canada and established the brand through his unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship in fine menswear. His legacy continues today.


Whether it’s their use of rare and luxurious fabrics, fully basted canvas construction or hand-tailored details, there’s never a compromise on quality, style or fit.



Find Your Fit


How do you choose which brand to create your next Made To Measure suit from? That’s yet another area where our Clothing Advisor’s expertise and advice comes in to play. Having seen it all, they’re your best resource to take you through the process helping you make informed decisions so that your new suit will allow you to look and feel your best.


Once you get a taste for the luxury of Made To Measure, you’ll want more. The good news is now you’re measurements are recorded on file. Getting your second suit is even more of a cinch.



Harry’s Made to Measure Sale


There’s no better time to experience the luxury of personalization than Harry’s Made to Measure Sale. Choose a premium fabric from one of the world’s leading mills. Decide on your lapel style, pocket treatments, vent options and more. Then allow our Clothing Advisors to fit you with a Canadian crafted suit by Samuelsohn or Coppley, starting at just $999.99 and backed by our Lifetime Maintenance Guarantee. Plus, save an additional $150 on a second suit or sports jacket and pant combination.* You’ve waited long enough.


Define yourself in the details, January 20 – February 10.