JNJ Wood Craft

Tablet Charging Dock

$170.00Colour: Mid Brown
The Complete Apple Docking Station with 4 in 1 charging  for all your devices. A truly timeless item for your home that is made with premium oak or walnut wood. With smooth edges and clean grooves for cable management, this dock will accent your space and  enhance productivity. Every dock is hand made by hand from solid oak or walnut with manual sanding and staining steps using only the finest material. The dock assembles in under 1 minute with our magnetic locking system. 
Style #20079645210
  • Compatible with Original Wires Only
  • Charging Wires are not included. MagSafe Charging for iPhone 12 Line only.
  • Handcrafted in Canada
  • Compatible with all iPad, Apple Watch, and Airpods as well as iPhone 12
  • Locking mechanism for charging tips to accommodate various cases
  • Cable management with hidden wires
  • Magnetic Lock for Face and Base Assembly
  • Reusable micro-suction tape to stabilize your apple charging station
  • Catchall tray at the front for items like glasses, jewelry, and keys
  • Conference Calling Slots for clear sound while docked
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