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Neat Print Cotton Work Shirt

From: $250
    Inspired by your vision and guided by our style advisors, HAROLD allows you to customize every detail from a range of foundational garments to deliver a look as unique as you are. With HAROLD, we want you to call the shots and define your everyday style.

    Make it Your Own

    1Select a Style

    From custom-made suits to sartorially inspired tracksuits and beyond, select the style of garment you want to customize here.

    2Book an Appointment

    Schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of our Clothing Advisors to begin customizing your new HAROLD garment.

    3Dive into the Details

    If clothes make the man, details make him discerning. Once in-store, start creating your ultimate custom garment with your inspiration and our guidance on your side.

    Size & Fit
    • From slim to contemporary and anything in between, only you can decide how a HAROLD custom piece should fit for you. Book an appointment to explore a full HAROLD X YOU experience.
    Expert’s Notes


    Are you more of a traditionalist and prefer long sleeves or do you like keeping things more casual and prefer short sleeves?


    From spread collars to cutaway collars to button-down collars to no collars at all, HAROLD has an enormous array of styles for you to choose from.


    Between the style of cuffs (barrel, curved, Neapolitan, or more) to the button placements and even pleats, how your shirt cuffs look and feel is entirely your choice.


    Like the practicality of a chest pocket? How about two? Or none at all?

    Make it your own

    The Work Shirt
    Depending on what your occupation is, you’ll most likely have a particular definition of what a Work Shirt is. If you work in a corporate office, that might be a traditional poplin button-up. Or, if your days are more blue-collar than that, it might mean a sturdy denim or a bold pattern. Either way, HAROLD can help you create the perfect Work Shirt you’ve been searching for forever.
    Custom touches
    Customization is at the core of every HAROLD garment — no piece is complete without your personal touches. From fabrics to fit and everything in between, every HAROLD garment is made with your unique style preferences. Here are just a few alleyways you can use to express your personal style when customizing your next HAROLD garment.
    • Fabric
      Whether you’re looking for a super-fine cotton with a touch of silk or something heavier like a lightweight twill material, HAROLD’s vast array of fabric options is at your disposal.
    • Styling Options
      Long sleeve or short sleeve? Spread collar or button-down collar? How about no collar at all? Or even a bibbed tuxedo shirt? Well, that might be more play than work — but you get what we mean.
    • Construction
      From fusing on your cuffs and collars to back yokes and more, how your Work Shirt is made is up to you. You can even opt for handmade or traditional construction!
    • Details
      Between the style of cuffs, plackets, sleeve vents, back pleats, and so much more, there’s a seemingly endless array of detailing options you can choose from.