Captain Fawcett

Alessandro Manfredini Eau De Parfum

$150.00Colour: Assorted
Captain Fawcett’s collaboration with Alessandro Manfredini has created an Eau de Parfum rich with memory. A most seductive Signature Series scent evocative of Italy’s capricious seasons. Woody spiced top notes of rosemary & star anise combine with mid notes of fresh greencyclamen on a bed of mineral ambergris calming cedarwood sun toasted tonka. In truth, a simply magnificent alchemic fragrance has been created for your delectation.When the Captain made the acquaintance of Alessandro Manfredini he recognized a kindred spirit. Signor Manfredini is a gentleman of ageless elegance and style, a sculptor, and a graphic artist of the most distinctive silver-bearded appearance. Yet Alessandro is also a survivor, a man who fought to rebuild his spirit when an earthquake destroyed his dreams. The iridescent beetle, beloved from childhood, became his talisman. The Captain became his friend.
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  • 50ml
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