Bluebeards Original

Beard Grooming Kit

Growing a beard takes time, maintaining it shouldn't. Keep your style working for you with this Bluebeards Original beard grooming Kit. Start your routine with the brand's best selling beard wash, you can gently clean both facial hair and the sensitive skin underneath, leaving both beard and face clean, soft, and feeling refreshing! Plus double magic of the brand's iconic beard saver, a daily control and conditioning lotion as their modern alternative to beard oil, designed to control the itch and condition your new growth with non-greasy, soothing, and moisturizing feel.
Style #20071774099
  • 1X Beard Saver (118.3ml/4oz)
  • 1X Beard Wash (118.3ml/4oz)
  • 1X Unscented Beard Saver (118ml/4oz)
  • Made in USA
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