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On: Hype-worthy Swiss Athletic Gear

Born in the Swiss Alps, On has developed a cult-like following with athletes across Europe. The idea behind the brand was a simple yet revolutionary one: create a sneaker that provides a cushioned landing with an explosive takeoff. Today, the award-winning label has pushed sport innovation to new limits and shows no sign of slowing down. Cross the finish line—whether in the urban jungle or on the racetrack—in style with the brand’s functional footwear and active apparel.


Swiss engineering meets the Swiss maestro. Introducing the technical tennis-inspired sneaker created with Roger Federer. Available exclusively at Harry Rosen. THE ROGER Centre Court also features an ultra-soft sock-construction that delivers distraction free comfort. While traditional tennis sneakers are built with vulcanized outsole manufacturing from the past, THE ROGER is powered by an advanced lightweight foam.

Athletic Gear

Rain or shine, morning jogs or afternoon lounging––high performance meets high aesthetics.

Running Shoes

Land soft and push off hard with On's unique Cloudtec®️ cushioning technology.

Now Available

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