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    How do I give my look a lift?




    Video Transcript:

    As we head to work without a tie more often, many are wondering, how do I give my look a lift? Fortunately, you’ve got a lot of options. Look to a boldly striped or checked shirt worn open at the neck. It’s an easy way to add impact to any suit, blazer, or sports jacket. We’re passionate about pocket squares. You basically can’t go wrong with a colourful, patterned pop of colour tucked into your chest pocket. Shoes provide another opportunity to show your personality. Invest in a rich shade of dress shoes to keep in step with one of the season’s biggest trends. Still not sure about colour? Get your feet wet with a pair of colourful socks. It’s more discrete, and a great way to initiate yourself. Start thinking about your suit as a blank canvas, and get creative from there. For more ideas, speak to one of our expert clothing advisors at Harry Rosen and discover more tips at