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    What Men Actually Want for Gifts


    We caught-up with Head Buyer Jeff Farbstein to see what’s topping his list

    Jeff Farbstein, our VP and head buyer

    “There’s nothing on the planet that I REALLY need,” says Jeff Farbstein, our legendary VP and head buyer when asked what’s topping his wish list this year. But based on his travels to the world’s fashion capitals we knew that if pressed, we could uncover some wants.


    “It’s true,” he agrees. “There are some things I have my eye on as we head into the holidays…”.




    Jeff’s Top 5 Picks

    Hestra cashmere lined peccary gloves



    Hestra Cashmere Lined Peccary Gloves



     As the weather turns, these gloves from Hestra are one of my new favourite things. It’s something I don’t already own - which is rare considering my years in the business. These aren’t just any gloves though, they fit like a bespoke glove - cut with such precision that it feels like they were made for you.


    Each pair is handcrafted in Sweden by a family who’s been in the glove business for four generations. They use the highest quality materials. In this case cashmere for the lining and peccary - a wild boar from the Amazon jungle. The leather is so soft and supple that it’s considered to be the most exclusive gloving leather. You really have to try these to see why they top my list this year.

    Montblanc pen
    Montblanc pen
    Montblanc pen



    Montblanc Writing Instruments



    Twenty-five years ago I got my first Montblanc pen. And then I promptly lost it. Now I feel old enough not to be so careless. I deserve a really good writing instrument at this stage in my life.

    Moorer navy down-filled vest



    Moorer Down-Filled Vest


    Earlier I was walking through our Bloor Street Flagship wearing my light down vest and realized I was in need of an update. Mine has served me well but I really love this one from Moorer. I get a lot of wear from my vests. They’re the perfect layering piece year round and I think this one is the ultimate upgrade.

    Arc-teryx Veilance black hooded jacket



    Arc'teryx Veilance Water-Repellent Hooded Jacket


    I travel a lot for business visiting our stores across Canada. In the winter, that means travelling with a winter coat. My down-filled jacket is too bulky for the confines of an airplane. That’s why I’m really liking everything by Arc’Teryx Veilance out of Vancouver. This streamlined goretex jacket will not only travel well, it’s incredibly lightweight, and it’s also the right length to wear over a jacket or suit. I could see myself wearing this more than any other coat I own this winter.

    Brunello Cucinelli blue cashmere sweater



    Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Sweater




    At the start of each season, I switch my sweaters from spring/summer to fall/winter. It’s a bit of a ritual for me. But this year I noticed that one of my favourites has a hole in the elbow. I thought about patching it up but remembered this shipment of cashmere sweaters from Brunello Cucinelli. I can’t take my eyes of this new blue or ocean coloured one. I think I will retire my old sweater and replace it with this. It had a good run…