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    Weekender Bags That Tell Everyone You’ve Arrived



    Tried-and-tested weekender bags are a reliable companion for the well-traveled gentleman. More capacious than a backpack and less bulky than rolling luggage, these durable holdalls are your most convenient choice for quick trips. Think of it as an indispensable accessory that will get you to a number of destinations from international meetings to a spontaneous overnight rendez-vous.


    Designed for practicality, these durable bags effortlessly accommodate a requisite change of clothes, shoes and toiletries — making packing a breeze. They can be carried by the sturdy top handles, or removable shoulder straps when it’s more beneficial to go hands-free. Plus, the weekender’s practical size makes it your smartest solution for bringing onboard flights or tossing in the back of a car.


    While many underestimate the sartorial significance of their baggage, consider it a savvy way to showcase a little personality (and refinement) when trekking across cities and checking into hotels. Whatever your impetus for skipping town, be it business or pleasure, it’s wise to keep your essentials secured in a stylish vessel.



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