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Wear This On Thanksgiving To Meet The Parents


Some tips on how to survive the holidays in style.

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You're already captured your Significant Other’s heart, but what about their parents'? That may be a different story.


Making a great first impression is key. The first step? A solid, family appropriate outfit.


Right off the bat, you don’t want to look like a slob. But you also don’t want the parents to base their entire feelings about you on what you’ve worn, but rather what you have to say and how you treat their child. All your outfit really needs to say is that you are “respectful, presentable and successful”. There are times in life when you want to experiment with your style, this is not one of them.


Gain some inspiration from these outfit ideas to help you get through Thanksgiving Day with your partner’s family in style.






A soft-constructed sports jacket like this one from Etro is a great option. It’s relaxed construction means you look polished but feel comfortable. Wear with a simple sports shirt, a pair of clean-lined jeans and you’re good to go.



For a crisp and casual fall look consider a classic cable knit sweater like this pure-cashmere one from Raffi. Slip into a pair of coloured chinos from Brax and you’re all set. Final touch? A great coat, like this one from L.B.M. 1911 is the perfect fall topper.



Lanvin bomber, shirt, jeans, and sneakers in-store only.



For a fail-proof formula, a plaid shirt plus a pair of (just slightly) distressed denim and sneakers is quintessential Canadian style. Here the masters at Lanvin up-the-ante for a look that’s worthy of an occasion such as this. A fresh trim and a classic bomber jacket are nice touches too. 


And keep in mind this bit of advice to hit your first meeting out of the park. Do ask them questions. Meeting the parents is the relationship version of a job interview with the executive board. You're probably going to field a ton of questions, so be prepared for that. And, just like a job interview, you should also have some questions of your own to toss into the mix.


Ask about their work ("Mrs. Smith, I hear that you're a lawyer. What area of the law do you focus on?"), their early years ("Where did you grow up?"), and their interests. Showing an interest will not only make for a better conversation, but you might also pick up on some things that you can use later down the road.