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Three Styles of Jackets


Not all jackets are created equal. Today, we will look at three distinct options, each with a different purpose for your lifestyle.






The Looks:



Look 1


A tailored jacket with a light canvas offers a lot of versatility in your wardrobe. Dress it up with a shirt and tie, or try a more casual approach with a sophisticated polo and cotton chino.





Look 2


A different approach to jacket dressing is the soft jacket. This jacket has a much more casual appeal, while still maintaining the structure and look of a tailored jacket. Dress it down for summer with a t-shirt, cotton trouser and sneakers.





Look 3


Not quite a jacket, and not quite a sweater, we call this a swacket. The swacket offers the feel and ease of a cardigan, but has the makings of a jacket. It’s a great way to dial up your casual outfit.