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    The Versatile Closet: Two Styles for a Fool-Proof Fall


    Choosing what to wear depends on the moment and your mood – and it’s rarely as simple as outfit A or outfit B. There are key pieces amongst the clothes you own that have an inherent versatility, perfect when you need to look smart and equally appropriate when you want to look casual – or anywhere in between.


    But don’t take our word for it: see for yourself. Here, we’ve picked out two staples of the contemporary wardrobe – a city coat and a swacket – and used each one in three contrasting ways. The looks couldn’t be more dissimilar but each one works beautifully, bringing out different aspects of the swacket and the coat.



    the CITY COAT


    A contemporary take on the traditional overcoat, the city coat is cut a little shorter and trimmer than its forebear.

    Men wearing Camel Wool-cashmere city coats paired with a suit, a polo and a turtleneck

    (Left to right)


    01 Weekend


    A hoodie, T-shirt, track pants and sneakers take your coat to the city streets. Right on trend.


    02 Work


    Taking on the overcoat’s classic role, it protects your suit and keeps you warm en route to the office.



    03 Smart Casual


    Off-duty but still elegant, the coat is perfect for autumn with a plum turtleneck and cords.

    the SWACKET


    Love child of a sweater and a jacket, the swacket is a very useful item, as soft and unstructured as a cardigan but shaped like a jacket.

    Men wearing Navy Cashmere wool swackets

    (Left to right)


    01 As a Coat


    Add a quilted vest and the swacket becomes part of your layered outerwear for fall days.


    02 As a Jacket


    At its most debonair, the swacket serves as a soft jacket fit for any informal work environment.




    03 As a Sweater


    This look is delightfully relaxed – perfect for weekends or a get-together with friends.