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The Most Important Item In Your Wardrobe


Harry’s Guide to buying and wearing the season’s best sports jackets


The idea of what a jacket is and what it can do has grown dramatically in recent years. We now think of a man’s jacket collection as the cornerstone of his wardrobe - for weekends and evening events, and for workdays when a suit isn’t required.


One of our favourite things about a well-made jacket, is that it takes your whole outfit to a new level. It ensures that you’re appropriately dressed for any occasion. And, it just gives you a much more polished and sophisticated look, whether it’s for business when a suit is not required or for more casual outings. It’s an easy way to dress up a sweater and jeans.


If you don’t already own a well-fitting sports jacket, it should be the first thing you buy this fall. To showcase a small selection of our favourite jackets this season, we headed over to Twitter’s Toronto HQ to show you some of our top picks.







Overcheck pattern set against a blue background, Ermenegildo Zegna.





Black-and-blue plaid, L.B.M. 1911.





Multi-toned plaid jacket, Etro.





Think of this as a cardigan designed as a jacket. Soft, stretchy, and comfortable, Circolo.





Soft-structure jacket in a rich merlot, Maurizio Baldassari.





Lead image: Canali’s Kei jacket in a grey houndstooth with a brown overcheck.