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The Laid-Back Guide To Wearing An Overcoat


There’s almost nothing you can’t wear that won’t look better under fall’s go-to coat.


If you still think of a Mad Men-era businessman commuting to work swallowed-up in heavy fabric when you hear the word overcoat, then we have to introduce you to a new crop of coats.


More so than any other item available this season the overcoat has gone from business to pleasure faster than you can say “I’ll take another round.”


The new overcoat is borderline streetwear, an expertly tailored garment that hangs open as casually as a bathrobe. Nope, it’s not JUST for over your suits anymore, there’s almost nothing you can wear - from jeans and a tee to a full-blown tux - that won’t look better under fall’s go-to coat.


Allow us to you show you how.




This shawl-collared cutaway jacket (left) from John Varvatos is simultaneously dapper and rock ‘n’ roll.





This BOSS navy Donegal herringbone overcoat is cut for a trimmer fit. It features a luxurious fabric blend of wool, silk, mohair and alpaca.





This stunning cashmere coat from Brunello Cucinelli is half double-breasted so it looks like a db when you button it up but doesn’t have the extra fabric flapping about when you don’t.





This three-in-one hybrid from Moncler features a hooded inset that can be worn on its own, as can the tailored topcoat in a rich camel-coloured wool-cashmere blend.





The British know coats better than anyone and this tailored camel-coloured coat by legendary Savile Row brand Hardy Amies looks very cool thrown over a hoodie, a chambray shirt, and a pair of casual trousers.