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The Brilliance of Thom Browne


Explore the designer’s inventive new collection, now at our Pacific Centre store.


“I’ve never been interested in cool,” Thom Browne told the New York Times in the summer of 2017. “But I know other people are.” Of course, the hugely successful New York–based menswear designer makes some of the de facto coolest clothing in the world right now – it’s just cool in a rather unorthodox way. The label’s signature look is defiantly unconventional: a slim grey suit with Bermuda shorts, handmade and pleated. It’s the opposite of what most people think of when they hear the word “stylish,” and that’s exactly what makes it so great.




Browne started hand-making luxury suits in 2001. His vision was unique straight away: jackets tailored incredibly narrow, pants hemmed shockingly high. The offbeat, innovative look turned heads, and soon Browne was being hailed as an haute-couture revolutionary. Nearly two decades later, he’s considered one of the industry’s most influential designers, brilliantly reimagining what it means for men to dress boldly.




Browne’s Spring/Summer 2018 menswear collection is very much in keeping with the eccentric spirit the designer is famous for. The classic Browne small suit has been given a fresh spin with summer-friendly seersucker, and it’s available with a pattern of Hector the Dog silhouettes embroidered in gold. (Hector is Browne’s miniature wire-haired dachshund – his best friend in the world, he says.) Sleek cotton button-downs embellished with Browne’s signature striped ribbon details offer a playful twist on a classic preppy look, while light grey hoodies and sweatpants bring a touch of panache to athleisure. All in all, the collection is every bit as trailblazing as you’d expect of Thom Browne.


Thom Browne’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection is available at Harry Rosen’s Pacific Centre store in Vancouver.