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Take Your Suit A Step Further


In the wild west of contemporary menswear there is plenty of uncharted territory that trailblazers have begun to step out and explore. One of the most exciting new discoveries is that sneakers are a perfect way to update the iconic suit.


This unexpected outfit combination challenges our hardwired instinct to reach for formal footwear when it’s time to get suited. Ingrained dress rules have been turned upside down as the quintessential Oxford shoe is no longer a prerequisite when it comes to office and evening looks.


“It’s really about social acceptance,” explains Jeff Farbstein, Executive Vice President at Harry Rosen. “You have to understand who you are and where you are headed. A creative guy in a suit and sneakers can go practically anywhere.”


Many attribute the dressed-down suit and sneaker phenomenon to Lanvin’s creative director Lucas Ossendrijver. His boundary-breaking line introduced sporty shoes to the luxury tailoring landscape over 10 years ago. “I have always had a soft spot for trainers,” notes Ossendrijver. “They are items you can relate to whether you are young or old. They are easy to mix with clothes, never too serious.”


Ossendrijver helped transform sneakers into the perfect accompaniment for sleek suiting. His signature cap-toe style remains a blueprint for how to wear designer kicks in a polished context. The key is to steer clear of clunky runners and flashy high-tops that’ll look out of place. Instead, choose simple low-tops in neutral colours and leather compositions free of in-your-face logos.


Swapping out your dress shoes for sneakers will immediately loosen-up your outfit and alleviate any stuffiness. Consider minimalist pairs a great way to bring suits into a weekend setting, especially when worn with a crisp T-shirt. (No-show socks that expose your ankles will further the relaxed attitude.) To keep things modern opt for tapered trousers without a substantial break at the hemline. You want the combination to look like an intentional choice, not a confusing mishmash.


While style tips are helpful, this unexpected outfit is ultimately about breaking the mould. There is no longer a prescribed method for dressing smart. Just remember to consider your environment and tread with confidence. It’s time to take on the sneaker and suit look and conquer fashion’s brave new world.