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Surf’s the Arctic!


Tune-in as Parajumpers tells an original story direct from the Great North



Parajumpers, makers of extremely innovative outerwear, travels deep into the Great North to take us on a one-of-a-kind expedition.


Located in the polar region at the northernmost part of the Earth, the Arctic is the playground of Ingólfur Már Olsen ("Ingo") and Hreinn Eliasson ("Rain"), two born and bred Icelanders, whose passion is to wake-up in the morning to play in the Arctic's turbulent deep blue sea.


"Surfing, the sport itself, it's traveling, it's outdoor, it's nature and it's healthy, it's fitness. So it's aperfect thing to do," explained Ingo, who can't get enough of surfing the ends of the world.


A few years ago, the two die-hard adventurous surfers turned their passion into a real mission and founded Arctic Surfers – Iceland's only surfing tour operator that fills you with the joys of chasing and catching waves under nature's most extreme conditions.


Arctic Surfers is more than just a tour operator for surf aficionados, it's a personal lifetime experience for anyone that wishes to not only chase, but also to tame the waves, while discovering the best surf spots and marveling at Iceland's untouched natural beauty – reefs, glaciers, caves, waterfalls and hot springs – that offers the last wilderness frontiers where an adventurous mind is a must.


To meet the needs required by sport aficionados, like Ingo and Rain, designer Massimo Rossetti, pushed Parajumpers' technical boundaries once again. Rossetti responded to the Arctic's extreme conditions with a new garment that fuses the same technical innovation with traditional Italian craftsmanship that is found in every piece of the brand’s impressive collection.


"In the morning, when we're ready to go on the road, we don't always know where we're going," says Rain. "We just chase the position and the weather, and the swell and the waves."


Endless summer? Nah. Endless winter it is!