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Stand Tall: Introducing The Summit Collection


There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that height – particularly in men – does trigger a certain set of very positive, unconscious associations.


In a poll of companies on the Fortune 500 list, we learned that the heads of big companies are virtually all tall: average CEOs were just a shade under six feet.


Given that the average Canadian male is 5’9” that means that CEOs have about three inches on their male colleagues.


But it’s not just in business where height offers an advantage.


Dating site data reveals women are highly concerned about a man's height.


While similarity is preferable in other areas, height is the one area where singles - especially females - don't mind a discrepancy.


An investigation of personal dating ads found that nearly half of the women – 48.9% – wanted to date only men taller than they are.






But genetics are genetics. And, at Harry Rosen, we understand it’s not how tall you are it’s how you carry yourself that counts. Confidence, as they say, is key.


Sometimes all you need is a helping hand, expert advice, and, on occasion, a little lift.


That’s why our footwear experts worked diligently to create the Harry Rosen Summit Collection.


Made in Italy and developed in partnership with renowned Canadian shoe designer Ron White, this capsule collection is specially designed to discreetly offer a height advantage. As CEO and Creative Director, Ron became famous for re-engineering footwear and creating the world’s first All Day Heels®, using the same technologies and approach to create this very unique product.


Think of it as stacking the odds in your favor. Feel great socializing at parties or nailing that crucial presentation.


Each of the 5 new styles feature high-quality Blake construction and indulgent materials like high-grade leather, rich velvet, leather soles, and Ron’s unique comfort technology, which includes NASA developed Poron cushioning – all with the benefit of adding up to 3” to your stature.


“There’s a demand for this product,” explains shoe buyer Kevin Eisenberg. “Over the years we’ve looked at some other options but they never met our high standards of quality, comfort and contemporary style. That’s why we decided to create The Summit collection. These shoes sit fashionably alongside our offering from world’s leading footwear brands. It’s only the wearer that knows the secret.”


The Summit collection meets our goal of offering clients a discreet heightening product – without sacrificing comfort, quality and style.







All styles contain a hidden lift on the interior, providing several inches of added height. On or off the foot, they look like any other shoe.



Some styles in this collection feature a leather sole with rubber injection, for added traction and durability. Other styles have a full leather sole, perfect for special events. All feature on-trend Cuban heels, which not only provide some additional height, but can be seen on many top-selling footwear styles from today’s most highly coveted designers like Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Haider Ackermann, and more.


PORON® for all day comfort:

All styles are constructed with 3mm of PORON® in the midsole. NASA created PORON® is a revolutionary cushioning material that under a microscope looks like 1000 little air bubbles per square inch. PORON® keeps its form throughout the day, virtually never compressing and retains 98% of its resiliency after five years of wear.



A variety of luxe leathers and materials ranging from buttery hand burnished English calfskin, velvet, and high gloss patent leather are found in this collection.



In order to fit the widest variety of foot shapes and sizes, there’s a little more room at the front, like a European fit, but snugger in the back to reduce friction/irritation at the heel.



This collection is hand made in Italy using real Blake construction.