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    Slip Into This

    Salvatore Ferragamo and Santoni leather slip on shoes

    Now that the weather has warmed (hello summer!), you’ll want to adjust your footwear accordingly and go for something light and easy.


    Slip On shoes are one of your best bets. Not only are they super comfortable, they also look great with just about every pair of pants or shorts in your wardrobe. They have a deceptively simple design that features clean lines and a perfectly streamlined silhouette.


    Slips ons are a great way to bridge the office style/comfort gap. The right pair can even make any suit look infinitely more cool. The most important detail to nail is the hem of your pant. A little bit of ankle is required to get the most mileage out of this look. A hem that’s too long will sink your sleekness. Opt for a pair in a rich, dark shade to make a style statement in the workplace.


    Save the colour for the weekend and walk out the door with the confidence of a man who knows he looks good.


    To give you a bit of summer shoe inspiration, we’ve asked our head shoe buyer Kevin Eisenberg to come up with a selection of a few of his favourite options.