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Put It All Together

Put it all Together_image.jpg

Completing this summer’s iconic look calls for one or two finishing touches.



Braided Belts

Anderson’s is a 50-year-old Italian company that specializes in braided cording belts. We carry them in an extraordinary variety of colours, though their popularity has as much to do with comfort: they offer a degree of stretch and can be buckled at whatever point you wish.


Richly Coloured Ties

Altea’s roots reach back to a tie shop opened in Milan in 1892. The heritage label continues to produce silk neckwear in saturated hues that exude Italian sophistication.


Pocket Squares

We have bright, boldly patterned new collections of squares from Eton, in silk or a silk-cotton blend, and from Edward Armah, in a linen-cotton blend, to add an extra grace note of colour to your outfit.