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Next Level Leather


The Ajmone family just crafted your new favourite heirloom jacket


While our buying team has cultivated relationships with the biggest names in menswear for more than 60 years, often it’s the new discoveries that get them really excited.


One such discovery is Ajmone Sartorial Leather, a premium collection of handcrafted Italian leather jackets. Founded in 2015 by Roberto Ajmone and his son Stefano, the duo is known for crafting impeccable pieces that are so exclusive they are featured in only a handful of the very best stores around the world.


“Being a world class store means we always want to show our clients new and special things,” says head buyer Shannon Stewart. “When I went to see the collection in Italy, it was literally like looking at art.”


What’s so special about the collection? We sat down with Shannon to find out in her own words.



Actor Justin Theroux models the latest designs from Ajmone.


  Style #20021864 $3,995

I think this is the most special piece of the collection. It happens to be very indicative of the whole feeling of the collection which is based on sartorial tailoring. It’s representative of the iconic biker jacket. It’s actually crafted from horsehide, which is a very precious and rare leather to have. It’s not something you see very often because it generally comes attached with a very high price tag.


The beautiful thing about this is that it has a real strength to it. It’s not necessarily the softest or most supple leather that we have but it is very masculine. The beauty is that as you wear it, it molds to your body. With time, the leather is really going to work-in and it will become your favourite jacket.


The other beautiful thing is that it’s vegetable dyed and finished with a process of oils and talcum powder that are actually hand-burnished into the leather itself. So you have something that is masculine and strong but also extremely beautiful.


Every item here is essentially handcrafted. They are made in a very small, I’m not even going to call it a factory, let’s just call it a design house. When you open up each jacket you will see some really beautiful sartorial details. There’s just a lot of thoughtfulness put into each piece. You can see the hand stitching. You can see the natural colour of the leather on the interior, which I think is a really stunning detail.


All of this adds-up to an extraordinary garment that offers a lot of value.



Style# 20021856 $3,395

The next two items in the collection are Ajmone’s take on the aviator jacket fashioned in Nappa leather. For something incredibly supple, this is the way to go.


This design is a real nod to those classic aviator or biker looks but made modern for today. It sits beautifully on the body because of the way it’s contoured. And it has all these wonderful details like classic aviator style buckles on the back.



Style 20017849 $2,995

This one above is called the gentleman’s aviator jacket. It’s kind of an interesting take on a traditional style. It actually has a button down collar - something I have never seen before. It just makes it more unique.



Style# 20017848 $1,595

The fourth piece in the collection is an iconic suede shirt, done in a lamb’s suede. It’s completely unlined. There’s not much I can really say about this except you have to try it on and experience the beauty of it for yourself.


It’s done with a classic button-through (as opposed to snap closures) which I think makes it a little bit more understated and elegant. It’s something you could wear over a t-shirt. Wear it open or closed but wear it in a really casual manner. It has an extremely soft and supple feel to it and all of the beautiful hand-stitched details that you will really appreciate.


Ajmone Sartorial Leather is available in-store exclusively at our Bloor Street Flagship in Toronto. For more information, contact one of our expert Clothing Advisors across Canada to assist you.