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Long Live Rock



Building on a legacy of against-the-grain style and unapologetic edge, John Varvatos utilized the Fall/Winter 2016 season to transform the way clothing is unveiled. Infamous for cultivating a fresh point of view while preserving an artisan heritage, the designer presented a covetable collection for fall which fully embodies the disruptive and aesthetically groomed spirit of his eponymous brand. The legacy of which is sewn into each seam of this season’s masculine offerings, emitting a collision between modern sensibility and timeless craftsmanship.


Tailored silhouettes take the stage in a slightly elongated form with a strong custom shoulder, moving the eye along an elegant hourglass silhouette. Hollow core yarns are hand knit to form ultra-lightweight sweaters that preserve the look of substantial chunky sweaters. Wires inserted into necklines offer the ability to wear jackets in new ways. Show-stopping jackets and signature coated jeans, antique-finished Chelsea boots, and unique closures round out this season’s rejection of the norm.


“It’s time to do something different—to cause disruption,” said the designer after the reveal of this new show format. “People need to change their lives, their clothing… to stop committing to someone else’s uniform and lifestyle. With so much evolution around us, we need to create our own sense of being. Be rebellious. Be authentic. Walk to your own beat.”


Wise words from one of menswear’s most genuine voices. Discover more from John Varvatos Collection here.