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How To Wear Colour





Ask Harry: I like the current idea of adding a splash of colour to my look, but I’m not sure how to go about it. What are the ground rules?

We’re excited to see how many men are incorporating bright colour in to their outfits these days. When tastefully done, it shows an attractive self-confidence and sophistication. The trick has to do with juxtaposition.

Start with something easy. Try setting a colourful garment or accessory against a more neutral background such as black, white, navy or tan. For instance, match those vibrant coral pants with a neutral-coloured sweater and t-shirt. Or pair a bright polo with a subdued pant and jacket.

The same process applies to your suiting. Adding a tie and pocket square as a pop of colour is a great way to refresh the look of your suit. Statement socks are an equally effective way to embolden otherwise understated business looks.

More adventurous dressers might want to contrast various saturated hues within a single outfit. The key is to stick to complementary colours (and if you’re dealing with patterns, ensure they’re of a different scale.) For example, the blue undertones in Canali’s windowpane-check jacket shown above nicely coordinate with the bold blue gingham shirt worn beneath.

The goal is to achieve a harmonious “yin & yang” outfit balance.