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How to Wear Business Casual Like a Boss


The rules of dressing for business are not as clearcut as they once were, especially when it comes to business casual – there are so many options these days. The first thing you need is a good understanding of the level of formality your particular office prefers. Some firms define “informal” as a suit with no tie; others are fine with a sweater worn over a shirt and a pair of dressy jeans. Within those distant parameters lies an ocean of choice.


Here are some tips on navigation.


Dress for the day that lies ahead. Are you meeting with clients? Do you have an important internal meeting? Or is this a day when you can work undisturbed at your desk? Always consider the professional impression you want to make. How do your peers see you? What about the people you report to? And the people who report to you?


The formality of a suit naturally creates an aura of confidence and authority; that’s harder to do when you’re dressed more casually, but you still want to show that you take business seriously. Consider keeping a jacket in your office in case an important meeting crops up unexpectedly or a client drops by without an appointment.