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How To Wear A Summer Suit Like A Pro


Routinely regarded as one of Harry’s best-dressed, our Tailored Collections buyer Adam Gallo has an affinity for menswear that never fails to impress.


So to show how getting dressed for work in hot weather doesn't have to mean imprisoning yourself in heavy fabrics - we knew Adam was our go-to guy for summer suit inspiration. Even if you're contractually obligated to suit-up, there are ways to beat the summer heat.



- LOOK 1 -


With this look it’s all about texture. “From afar it’s just a blue suit,” says Adam “but up close you see a blend of wool and linen and that lends a bit of a denim effect to it.” Despite being a somewhat traditional two button, peak lapel suit, which in another fabric would be considered a bit dressier, here it’s an unexpected contrast – a neat silhouette in a relaxed fabric and natural shoulder results in a sportier look. “It’s completely unlined which makes it extremely comfortable to wear all summer long.”


“Underneath I chose this knit because I’m just not a t-shirt guy but for a more easygoing look, a knit or polo in the right fit and fabric is a good option."



- LOOK 2 -





“This is actually a gingham wool seersucker suit that I ordered through one our Made-To-Measure programs” says Adam. “Talk about a suit that feels like a tracksuit. It has a lot of movement, and looks pretty casual. It’s the perfect suit for a sneaker.”


Take note of the slim cut pants and cuff detail. “Everything is cuffed for me. I just think a cuff looks good on a shorter, trimmer pant like this. It gives a rolled look, and holds nicely at the ankle. That’s not a rule, just my own preference,” he says. “I’m a bit obsessive, I even cuff my jeans!”


The shirt is an ultrafine 100% Merino wool polo from our new Munro Tailoring collection. Believe it or not, Merino naturally wicks away moisture and is more breathable than cotton. “You have to get one,” he says. “It’s a killer summertime shirt.”



- LOOK 3 -





Technically not a suit at all, this sports jacket look says quintessential summer style. The jacket is unlined, “it’s got a natural expression – unconstructed, soft, and sporty,” he says. “Wool, silk, and linen is the ultimate summer blend. And the texture really expresses the seasonality.”


His shirt is a cool (literally) alternative to a dress shirt. It’s a cotton jersey popover (meaning the button placket ends early - you have to pop-it-over your head to get it on). It’s as comfortable as your favorite polo shirt. The knit tie is the right compliment. “It polishes the look, while keeping it casual.” Same idea with the tan tassel loafer - light and sporty.


For the pants Adam opted for a cotton seersucker - a timeless fabric for summer. Showcasing his signature attention to detail, they’re worn with a higher waist and single pleat that he personally selected during the Made-To-Measure process.