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    How to Mix and Match Your Shirt and Tie with Eton


    We take a look at some bold choices.

    Your standby blue suit gets a lot of wear. And that’s not a bad thing because blue suiting goes with everything and looks good on every man. But if you want to be more stylish and still get away with wearing your favourite suits nonstop, you're going to need to expand—and upgrade—your shirt-and-tie game.


    So, forget plain white shirts and solid-color ties - you probably already have that covered. This season, the expert way to go is with patterned dress shirts and neckties in tonal hues. The varied tones will add depth to your tailoring while the prints upgrade your style ante.


    One thing to consider: pair light shirts with dark ties and vice versa. Too much of the same is rarely a good thing. Oh, and don’t forget about your pocket square. It’s the finishing touch after all. 


    LOOK 1


    Look 1 featuring Eton blue striped dress shirt paired with paisley tie and paisley pocket square



    LOOK 2


    Look 2 featuring Eton black and white striped dress shirt paired with brown printed tie and brown printed pocket square



    LOOK 3


    Look 3 featuring Eton red and blue printed dress shirt paired with red printed tie and red printed pocket square



    LOOK 4


    Look 4 featuring Eton blue printed dress shirt paired with blue and green printed tie



    LOOK 5


    Look 5 featuring Eton blue dress shirt paired with printed tie