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How To Do Movember Right


Your guide to growing an impressive ‘stache.


Movember is upon us which means guys across the globe are cultivating their perfect moustache. Spanning 30 days, the charity challenge helps raise awareness for men’s health issues. Consider it an opportunity to support a good cause and showcase your facial hair.


While growing a mo’ conveys a sense of rugged masculinity, the process is more involved than simply throwing out your razor. You don’t want to look too unruly at the end of the day. Follow these three simple grooming tips to keep your look sophisticated.



Embrace Your Style


Be mindful or your genetics and decide which moustache style suits you best. To help move the growing pace along, remember that real men use face cream. Keeping your skin soft and moisturized creates a better environment for facial hair growth, and will help keep your mo’ looking lush. TOM FORD’s exfoliating scrub and daily moisturizer will certainly do the trick.



Keep Things Trimmed


A little mo’scaping goes a long way and trimming your facial hair will help foster it along, faster. However, using an electric razor is a rookie mistake. It’s easy to lose control of the razor and go overboard with your clean-up. It’s wise to stick to a fine pair of scissors. Even better, use a classic straight razor. A high-quality one from German brand Dovo provides an especially accurate morning groom.



Give It A Boost


Moustache hair is coarse and benefits from regular conditioning. To avoid bristly whiskers, work a dollop of conditioner into your facial hair. It will make things a little bit softer, for both you and anyone you are intimate with this month. We recommend Bluebeards’ beard saver enriched with natural ingredients like aloe vera for a smooth look and feel.


Most importantly, approach Movember with perseverance as it takes time and patience for a ‘stache to take form. Embrace the spirit of the annual event and wear your mo’ with a strong sense of confidence.



Happy Movember!