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    Ask Harry: I’m travelling for business. How do I look great all week?


    The secret is simple: careful planning and a little bit of research. Here's a checklist to help things go smoothly.





    Step 1:

    Start by studying your trip agenda – types of meetings, social occasions, time off – and work out what you’ll need.


    Step 2:

    Choose clothes that all work together so you can mix and match, bringing as little as possible but getting the maximum leverage out of it. Bring your workout clothes and sneakers – getting exercise when you travel is always a positive.


    Step 3:

    Find out whether your hotel has laundry service. If it does, plan to use it halfway through your week to further lessen the amount of clothes you need.


    Step 4:

    No one wants to check luggage. Invest in a good carry-on bag and a sturdy garment bag for your tailored clothing. The hanger in the garment bag can take three pairs of trousers and two jackets. Cover the first jacket with dry cleaner’s plastic. Hang the second jacket over it and cover it with plastic too. On the plane, fold the garment bag carefully into the overhead compartment or hang it in the cupboard if you’re flying up front.


    Step 5:

    Pack like a pro. Shoes go in your carry-on first. Roll your belts and use them as shoe trees. Roll your ties. Even out the bag with socks and underwear. Knits and shirts folded from the launderer’s pack best.


    Step 6:

    Check the weather forecast for your destination and choose one seasonably appropriate coat, something versatile that works in as many situations as possible. A lightweight three quarter-length coat covers a jacket but can also be worn with a casual outfit.


    Step 7:

    Unpack as soon as you reach your hotel room and hang up your tailored clothing to let the wrinkles shake out.


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