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Harry's Cocktail Is Here


Just in time for the holiday season we set out to create the perfect cocktail for the festive season.

After a gruelling (read: amazing) afternoon sampling various concoctions, we finally met our match.

Introducing Harry’s Cocktail, The Made To Measure.

Like Harry, it’s a most sophisticated cocktail. Fresh orange and honey enhances the flavour of The Macallan Gold Scotch whiskey; cranberry bitters add a touch of mystery.


Here’s how to craft yours at home.

1. To a rocks glass, add two halves of a fresh orange wheel and ¼ oz of runny Canadian honey.

2. Muddle, or press orange with a spoon.

3. Add 2oz of The Macallan Gold and stir to mix.

4. Fill the glass with ice and add 3 dashes of cranberry bitters. Stir again and serve.