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Happy Birthday, Canada!

Canada Day maple leaf dress shirts

As Canadians we are quietly proud of our heritage, but typically don’t like to brag. However, Canada’s landmark 150th anniversary feels like the right time to fully embrace our inner (and outer) patriotism.


Just in time for July 1, we are proud to introduce this commemorative dress shirt from Eton. The limited-edition shirts showcase a maple leaf micro-pattern — our emblem of unity, tolerance, and peace.


Eton of Sweden crafted the shirt exclusively for us in recognition of our countries shared values. “Canada feels like one of the most modern countries in the world where everyone is welcomed to be Canadian,” explains Sebastian Dollinger, the head of design at the legendary shirtmaker, Eton.


Available in both red and blue patterns, consider this shirt a contemporary tribute to our great northern nation. Its luxurious feel and tailored fit make it perfect for wearing with suited outfits in the office.


Of course, you can always kick your Canadiana up a notch. Our limited edition pocket square and Tateossian London cufflinks are a most-sophisticated and truly patriotic way to accessorize your look.