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Get Down!


Your guide to staying warm and stylish this season


Forecasters tell us that you’re going to need some help keeping the cold out this winter. Blame (or credit) La Niña - that large scale climate pattern with a reputation for delivering the coldest and most active winter weather across Canada.


A good, goose down-filled coat is your secret weapon to protecting yourself against whatever winter has in store. When it comes to colour, navy and black will always look sharp but don’t feel limited to neutrals. Whether you go sporty with a super-bright colour from Moncler or a classic parka from Canada Goose, we’ve got Canada’s best selection of quality down-filled jackets for men.


As the temperature drops this winter, you’ll want to reach for one of these updated down-filled coats to help you fight the chill.

Get Down 1.jpg
Get Down 2.jpg


Canada Goose- Black Label Clarence Coat


Get Down 3.jpg


Moncler- Dejan Puffer Jacket .


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