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Five Pants to Take You Through Summer


Don’t let your style fall by the wayside when temperatures rise. The key to securing a cool and comfortable summer look is an appropriate arsenal of casual pants. The season’s freshest versions come in a range of subdued neutrals and statement colours perfect for anchoring fair-weather outfits.


The soft and stretchy nature of joggers makes them ideal for laid-back weekends. This sporty pair from Polo Ralph Lauren is equipped with a drawstring waistband for heightened comfort.


Polished white chinos act as a bright neutral ideal for anchoring casual outfits. Italian label Mason’s has updated the quintessential summer staple in a tapered fit with contemporary appeal.


Embrace the season’s vibrant energy in equally colourful denim. Jacob Cohen’s saturated orange jeans are a sure-fire way to invigorate your warm weather roster.


Beat the heat in featherweight pants woven from a breathable blend of linen and cotton yarns. This Re-HasH version is sharply tailored in Val Vibrata, Italy, for a smart approach to casual style.


These Nudie jeans illuminate how sun-bleached varieties look fresh for summer. They’ve undergone the brand’s innovative wash treatments to achieve a faded look reminiscent of a well-worn favourite.