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Dress Shirts You Need to Know


Eton, the legendary Swedish shirtmaker, does comfort, performance and classic good looks like no one else.


“In all my years of buying dress shirts, I’ve never seen a product with this level of quality, fit and function,” says Harry Rosen buyer Ed Liston. Liston has seen a lot of button-downs in his day, but an Eton shirt, he says, is in a category all its own.


“Sure, you can go out and find low-priced shirts, but the quality is suspect,” Liston says, noting how less expensive specimens will fade and disintegrate, their buttons loosening, their collars bubbling and curling after just a few wears. Other shirts, he adds, just don’t sit on the body quite as well. Starting at $250, an Eton is an investment, but one Liston assures will justify its costs the longer you own it, both in terms of comfort and performance.


The reason for this is fairly simple: Eton is fanatical about quality.


Each shirt produced at their Gånghester, Sweden, factory is the product of careful consideration, from where the cotton is grown, to how it’s spun into yarn, to how each of the garment’s 46 constituent parts is sewn together with over 12,000 stitches. Once a shirt is finished, it has passed 75 pairs of hands.


In business since 1928, Eton has spent generations honing this process, and as a result their products will wear and feel like almost nothing else. Indeed, Liston says, all it takes is a single shirt to turn you into an Eton devotee. “Try one,” he says. “You’ll come back.”