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    Downtime: Cozy Up In These Insulating Jackets



    Not all outerwear is created equal.


    Winter’s most protective jackets and vests are constructed with premium down fill. This miraculous material comes from the fine feathers found on a bird’s soft undercoating. It’s a resilient thermal barrier that comfortably conforms to the body yet always bounces back to its original fluffy form.


    Nature's best insulator offers an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio that far outperforms any manmade synthetic. (How does it work? The lofty plumage clusters to create countless air pockets that trap and retain heat.) As a bonus, down is extremely breathable and wicks away unwanted moisture to encourage evaporation.


    The gloriously warm fill has been prized for its lightweight and compressible virtues for centuries. In fact, down was originally utilized for aristocratic bedding. Many years later, it was appropriated for US Air Force jackets. Pilots wore down bombers to protect themselves from the chilly climate experienced at high altitudes.


    Since then, down has evolved to become an invaluable part of our winter wardrobes. The iconic puffy coat has been updated —both in fit and features— to achieve a more streamlined appearance. The feather-filled outerwear has shed its oversized shape to become a modern must-have.


    As Canadians, we take winter seriously.


    Our buyers have curated the finest selection of down-filled parkas, jackets, and vests to ensure luxurious comfort when the mercury plummets. These standout designs will tackle any kind of weather the season throws at us.


    These performance-driven parkas are made from a stylish mix of materials apt for wearing on both ski slopes and city streets. The high fill power designs will keep you unfailingly warm without feeling heavy.

    Designer labels like Mackage and Moncler work hard to perfect the art of winter style. They’ve reimagined down in slimmer profiles for a more polished approach.

    Quilted down vests are ideal in a country like ours, where weather is so unpredictable. The added layer of insulation will prove practical for both outdoor athletes and urban explorers.