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A Gift of Kings from the Emperors of Wool


Loro Piana’s new limited-edition collection is worthy of royalty.

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What do you get the monarch who has everything? If you’re a king of Spain in the 18th century, the answer is simple: the finest wool known to man. So goes the origin story of merino wool, the material at the heart of Loro Piana’s new limited-edition collection, The Gift of Kings®. The ultra-rare merino used in its knitwear, jackets and scarves is finer than cashmere, lighter than vicuña and almost certainly superior to the stuff gifted to the royalty of France and Britain by Spanish monarchs. Better yet, it’s available to those without blue blood in their veins.


To create The Gift of Kings®, Loro Piana spent decades working with select producers on remote farms in Australia and New Zealand. The result is an exceptionally rare grade of wool whose fibres measure just 12 microns in diameter, a fraction of the width of a human hair.


“When you put on one of these garments, it just floats on your body,” says Vikash Bhatti, Harry Rosen’s GM of Luxury Collections. “It’s breathtaking.” Despite it having the softness of cashmere, Bhatti says, The Gift of Kings® is far more resilient, standing up easily to the rigours of everyday wear. “The luxurious hand is there,” he says. “But it’s a much more functional type of fabric. It’s not precious.”


Like all of Loro Piana’s creations, these classic pieces are as understated as they are luxurious, and they’re built to serve the wearer dutifully for years. While they share little in common with the velvet- and ermine-trimmed garb of 18th-century nobility, the ethereal softness and lightness of The Gift of Kings® make them unlike anything you’ve ever worn. These truly are clothes fit for royalty.


See Loro Piana’s The Gift of Kings® collection at Special Events at Harry Rosen’s Bloor Street and Pacific Centre stores.