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A Gift for the Well-Groomed Man


Friends don’t let friends shave with cartridge razors.


That’s the motto behind Rockwell Razors — a Canadian company on a mission to make you love your shaving routine. Its founders were tired of being overcharged for disposable cartridges and were confident that classic double-edge blades deliver a closer, smoother shave.


We’re excited to partner with Rockwell after having experienced their trusty tools firsthand.


For a limited time, when you purchase a suit or sports jacket and pants from BOSS, Z Zegna, Munro Tailoring or Samuelsohn you’ll receive this handy Rockwell Razors kit shown.


The real secret behind their safety razors is an adjustable dial that is designed to adapt to your skin type and facial hair length. Lower settings are great for guys with short stubble or sensitive skin, while higher settings remove longer beards. In other words, your shaving routine is totally personalized.


The Toronto-based brand is standing up to the grooming giants proving you don’t really need gimmicky lubricating strips, rotating balls, vibrating handles and an endless number of blades to achieve a clean shave. Rockwell’s ergonomic safety razors are intentionally straight-forward and simplistic. Bonus: they look good too.


Harry Rosen looks forward to introducing Rockwell Razors in the near future. For now, your best chance at the perfect shave comes through this special gift with purchase opportunity.