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9 Gifts For The Well-Dressed Man


Because grown-ups also need a great gift from time to time…


At Harry Rosen, we understand that you’re looking for something special for the man in your life, whether he’s a spouse, a son, a parent or a friend. Men are notorious for not overindulging themselves. It’s right up there with refusing to ask for directions when lost. So when someone important comes up with the perfect present, it means a great deal, particularly if the element of surprise is involved.


With that in mind, here’s a look at a selection of “Gifts To Remember”.



Up Close and Personal



Headquartered in vancouver, SAXX is Canada’s underwear specialist par excellence. Its underpants are made from a soft, breathable, natural-fibre viscose fabric that wicks away moisture to help you keep your cool, while the revolutionary “BallPark Pouch” design ensures maximum comfort. Boxed sets of two or three pairs are exclusive to Harry Rosen.


Pop Go Your Cufflinks



Comic book pop art of the 1960s is back in fashion. It’s the latest source of inspiration for U.K.-based jewellery designer Robert Tateossian. POW!, POP!, OUCH! and WOW! jump off your wrists in vibrant shades of red, blue and yellow as three moving layers set the words spinning before your eyes. These cufflinks are a great way to bring a touch of retro wit and individuality to a sober suit and tie.


HONNS for Your Hands



New to Harry Rosen, HONNS is a 30-year-old Dutch family firm that’s dedicated to one thing – making superb gloves. Supple lambskin is stitched with a precurved construction that mimics the shape of your hand for greater comfort. Linings combine Italian wool and high-pile faux fur with the latest synthetic insulation. Touchscreen tips let you operate your smartphone without removing your gloves.


Socks in Your Stockings



It wouldn’t be a Merry Christmas without new socks under the tree. We have so many to choose from, including this selection from Bugatchi, Marcoliani and Paul Smith. Let your feet have some fun, too.


Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth



Can a shirt be the life and soul of the party? “Yes!” cheer the myriad fans of the ever-evolving Robert Graham collection, launched in 2001 by American designer Robert Stock. They love the bold, abstract patterns and saturated colours, the contrasting fabrics inside cuffs and collars, and the whimsical moments of embroidery, including Stock’s mantra, “knowledge, wisdom, truth,” stitched somewhere on every shirt. Another plus: the modern cut will fit most men.


The Slipper and the Robe



Pamper your guy with warmth on chilly mornings. This supremely comfy bathrobe is made with a lustrous, soft cotton velour with a terry interior to enhance drying. The slippers from Bottega Veneta are crafted in Italy in pure Napa leather with a stylish Intrecciato woven design. They’re sturdy enough to wear outdoors as well as in.


In the Loop



Here’s a great gift for anyone who wears trousers. Carlo Valenti launched his belt-making business in Parma, Italy, 50 years ago, taking the decidedly un-Italian name of Anderson’s from an English tailor whose work he admired. Impeccably designed and constructed, these braided cording belts have a little bit of stretch while the mix of colours makes them particularly versatile. The merlot, grey and blue version is exclusive to Harry Rosen.


Slim Brief



Tumi understands the needs of the working man. This versatile slim briefcase can accommodate a 15-inch laptop and offers sleek magnetic zippers and retractable chrome handles and a wealth of other enhancements. It’s the answer when travelling light is essential.


Scents and Sensibility



Sophisticated and evocative, the latest additions to TOM FORD’s iconic Private Blend line of fragrances explore the “green” notes in classic perfumery. Come into the store to experience them all.