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5 Simple Steps To Care For Your Suit


A suit is a significant investment – you want it to look and feel good for a long time. With a little care, a well-made one will give you a lot of mileage.

We caught up with Shannon Stewart, one of our head buyers and an expert on pretty much everything menswear related, to uncover her top suit care tips. We were surprised to learn that the key to a perfectly polished suit isn’t frequent dry cleaning. In fact, it’s just the opposite.


Shannon recommends “not dry cleaning unless absolutely necessary. The chemicals are harsh and can damage the fibres of your suit over time.” Dry cleaning your suit once every six months to a year is plenty, she advises. But what happens after a late night out when you barely make it to bed yourself and your suit spends the night on the floor? “For creases and a fresh look you can send it to a cleaner for pressing only,” explains Shannon. “It will come back looking crisp but won’t be subject to the same chemical treatment. “


In addition to curtailing visits to the drycleaner, Shannon lays out a 5-point plan to protect your investment. Tune in to the video above to learn more.