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    5 Can’t Fail Shirt & Tie Combinations From Eton



    For sure, the run-of-the-mill suited-man basics (navy suit, white shirt, dark tie) are fine, great even, but here at Harry Rosen we're of the opinion that sometimes you should use your sartorial know-how to inspire. And there's no easier way for you to do that than by harnessing the power of your shirt and tie to take a look to the next level.



    Why not layer in an unexpected dress shirt with a fine pattern, check or bold colour? To ground your shirt, chose a subtle tie with plenty of the background colour showing in its pattern. More combinations will work than you may think. (For more tips – view our video above).



    Then walk into your next meeting with the confidence that you know exactly what you're doing—even if you're still just faking it until you make it.



    If you haven’t tried on one of our legendary dress shirts by Eton of Sweden, now’s the time to do so. You’ll quickly understand why they’re one of our best-selling shirt brands. Not only do they look great on, they’re comfortable and easy to care for. No dry cleaning necessary.



    I take my Eton shirts out of the cold water wash, put them on a hanger and leave to dry on the curtain rod of my shower. I just give a gentle tug on the sleeves and button placket to smooth out any creases, and in no time they’re ready to be transferred back to the closet till the next wear. The best part - no ironing necessary. Your natural body heat will work to release any fine wrinkles.



    From October 15th to 22nd, spend $300 or more on Eton dress shirts, ties and pocket squares and receive a special gift with purchase.



    It’s time to stick your neck out in style with these distinctive shirt and tie combinations from Eton.