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    How to Wear a Sports Jacket

    If you’re attempting to wear your suit jacket on its own, separated from the pants it was designed with — beware! A structured suit jacket, when paired with soft khakis or jeans, can look odd. The fix? The foundation of a man’s wardrobe — a more casual (but well-fitting) sports jacket. Unlike its more tailored cousin, the sports jacket is designed to be worn with almost anything in your closet, easily mixed and matched to create different looks for your busy lifestyle. With less structure, looser fabric knits, or patch pockets, the sports jacket also adds just the right amount of casual flair to your look.


    With this season’s best styles from Samuelsohn, here’s how to wear a sports jacket the right way.


    Lighten Up!


    Take a classic blue sports jacket, team with a simple cotton chino and you have a recipe for a sophisticated weekend look that will take you anywhere. Mix in a vibrantly patterned shirt a smart pair of loafers (sans socks), and you’re right in the sweet spot between casual and formal.


    Complete Coverage


    Protect your neck this fall. The black turtleneck has become something of a menswear classic in recent years, and it’s just the thing to amp up the classic sports jacket in the evenings. The substantial collar means substantial footwear is onside, so finish the look off with high lace-up boots.


    Skilled Layering


    A neutral gilet under (or over) a sports jacket lends a certain sportiness to your look while at the same time looking refined. Add a sports jacket with a more rugged texture (such as houndstooth) to compliment the vest’s more high-tech aesthetic.


    A Monochromatic Moment


    Sometimes you need to blend in to stand out. We recommend tonal dressing. Feel free to mix different shades of the same colour to powerful effect. It's an approach that makes it easy to look good when you're in a hurry.


    Polo Power


    Finely tailored trousers, smart shoes and a sports jacket. A shirt and tie will finish this look off, right? Well, not necessarily. Shift into a more casual mode by teaming the look with an elegantly knit polo (your choice of long or short-sleeved). Samuelsohn sports jacket coming soon.

    A Plaid Attitude


    A large-scale plaid can take a lot of confidence to pull off, but in a muted colour palette, you don’t need to worry about attracting the wrong kind of attention. Pair it with a neutral grey or navy to make sure the focus stays where you want it. Think of it as business on the bottom, party on top.