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    Time to consider your options


    Men need to be flexible, to be appropriately dressed for every situation, but even on casual days, you still want to look your best. Your colleagues and clients expect it of you. It’s a dilemma, but it isn’t the first time we’ve faced this challenge in our 65 years of dressing men for the workplace. In the pages of this magazine, you’ll find dozens of different ways to achieve just the right balance.



    Look the Business: The New Rules of Office Dressing

    Get Outside: The Best Jackets for Fall

    Everything Men Should Be Wearing for Fall 2019

    The Well-Heeled Man: Fall’s Essential Footwear

    ‘Tis The Season: What to Wear This Holiday Party Season





    Charting a New Course With Paul & Shark

    Protect Your Neck: Five Ways to Tie a Scarf

    Don’t Wing It: Expert Travel Essentials

    Head-to-Toe Tailoring With Atelier Munro

    Ask Harry: Can I Really Buy a Suit at Harry Rosen For Under $1,000?

    Ask Harry: How Do I Get the Most Mileage Out of My New Sports Jacket?

    The Versatile Closet: Two Styles for a Fool-Proof Fall




    Harry’s Picks: The Lightweight Down Jacket


    This season’s crop of lightweight down jackets is as rich a harvest as we have ever seen, with an amazing variety of styles and unique details – and at every price point. The reason? The LWD jacket has become a staple of any man’s wardrobe – it’s warm but weightless and perfect for travel, especially if you’re flying.




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    Family Matters

    Canadian Heart Meets Japanese Soul

    Meet Ian Rosen: Harry Rosen’s New Digital Leader