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Thirty years ago, a man knew what was meant by the term “dress shoes.” They were the lace-up shoes he wore with a suit – sturdy, plain and designed not to stand out. Oxfords were always “closed laced” – in other words, the two parts of the upper that are drawn together by the laces were sewn under the front part of the shoe. Classic Oxfords still follow that pattern, made with an undecorated vamp, stitched welts and leather soles. They may or may not have a toe cap.


Wool is made from the hair or fur of a variety of animals. It is most commonly made by shearing the coat of sheep and spinning it into yarn, which can then be knitted. The quality of wool is measured by the fineness of the individual hairs. The thinnest wool from merino sheep produces the softest and most luxurious woolen sweaters and suit fabrics. Coarser wool can be used for outerwear.