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Waterproof coats have been around since the 1820s when Glaswegian Charles Macintosh invented a fabric that sandwiched rubber between two layers of cotton and started cutting it into overcoats. The macintosh had few rivals until 1879 when Thomas Burberry patented a more lightweight gabardine, woven to be water resistant. Most modern raincoats are still made from gabardine, their cut tending towards elegant simplicity. Many have a removable lining so they can be worn in the summer as well as spring and fall.

Relaxed Leg

Jeans with a relaxed leg allow for ease of movement and are great for weekends at the cottage, playing with the kids, or just doing as the name suggests. Relaxed jeans usually sit at the waist, with a generous, slightly tapered fit through the leg.


A shortened form of "reverse," this means to display the lining of a garment on the outside. Usually this is in the form of a turn-up on a shirt cuff or on the lapel of a jacket, giving you the chance to add a shock of colour or splashy pattern to your outfit.

Rhodium Plated

Rhodium is a member of the platinum family that is used to give a scratch-resistant coating to jewellery. White gold is often rhodium plated because it imparts a shiny finish to the gold and helps it to appear whiter. Rhodium plating is found on most white metal jewellery for these reasons and is a great option for wedding bands, watches and jewellery that is regularly worn.