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Icelandic Sweater

The Icelandic sweater, or lopapeysa in Icelandic, is a style of knit developed in Iceland in the 20th century. Most commonly seen as a round-necked sweater, it can also be knitted as a cardigan fastened with a zip or buttons; some variations even have a hood. What makes these sweaters distinctive is the pattern around the neck, where a wide circle of decorative patterns in one or more complementary colours reaches over the shoulders like a yoke.


Jeans range from the most conservative working trousers to the edgiest fashion and variations in fit, cut, colour, wash, finish and the quality of fabric mean there’s a pair out there to suit every taste. It was a San Francisco tailor called Jacob Davis who first had the idea of strengthening the pockets on a working man’s denim trousers with copper rivets. He asked his textile supplier, Levi Strauss, to lend him the $68 needed for the patent fee in return for a half-share in the product. The rest is history.