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Graphic patterns are bold and attention-getting. Now often made through digital printing, they are excellent for weekend wear and nights out, or for adding flair to your business looks, when used in small dashes.


Henleys began as the traditional shirt of rowers in the village of Henley-on-Thames in the U.K. and are now a go-to for weekend casual looks and layering up for the winter months. The waffle-knit thermal versions are warm and comfortable for the winter; go for cotton and cotton blends in the summer months to keep from overheating. And make sure to undo a few buttons to keep it cool.


Herringbone is a woven pattern of evenly spaced diagonal threads, some slanting down to the left, others slanting down to the right. It does look a little like a fish’s skeleton. Usually seen in greys or browns, it is a popular pattern for sports jackets and overcoats.

Hidden Button-Down

A hidden button-down has the advantage of looking like a more formal buttonless collar while also keeping your collar points and tie in place with buttons hidden on the underside of the collar. It is important with this style to have the right fit so that your buttons don’t make any surprise appearances and spoil the clean look of this style.


Houndstooth is a woven pattern of jaggedly distorted checks said to resemble a dog’s teeth. Often used for sports jackets or overcoats, it is a bold design that rarely goes unnoticed.