The Sexiest Way To Upgrade Your Suit

It’s the unexpected style move every guy should make this winter.

By: DYLAN MARTINDate: 2018-01-18

The turtleneck has bucked conservative connotations to reclaim its rightful place as a men’s essential with sex appeal. The timeless style has become especially popular worn under suiting as an elegant alternative to the shirt and tie.

Be sure, this trend isn’t like your uncle’s non-ironic holiday sweater. Today’s fine-gauge knits boast slimmed-down fits to ensure finesse. After all, the turtleneck’s sartorial value lies in much more than its insulating qualities. The high folded collar also flatteringly frames your jawline - working to accentuate the face and elongate your frame.

This season, top designers have drawn inspiration from the 1960’s mod approach to the suit and sweater look. The slick pairing seems to perfectly channel the swinging decade’s devil-may-care attitude. Consider it your opportunity to reference old-school film stars, like Steve McQueen, who famously layered a turtleneck beneath his sports jacket.

Beyond its cool factor, the turtleneck promises to make your tailored outfit even smarter due to its intellectual credentials. That extra few inches of fabric swaddling the neck has long been associated with thoughtful gentlemen: historically adopted by Beatnik poets and Ivy League academics. The simplicity of the design ultimately appeals to discerning minimalists with a preference for unfussy underpinnings.

While a suit and tie will always be a winning combination, the turtleneck is a streamlined substitute that helps switch things up. Above all us, it’s a wise way to differentiate yourself and standout as a confident dresser with undeniable charm.