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    Canada Goose

    Trust Canada Goose to keep you warm, insulated, and protected against unpredictable elements throughout all seasons. Their men’s jackets, men’s coats, weatherproof parkas, insulated bombers, water-repellent vests and other winter styles are extremely functional. Canada Goose Black Label creates elevated examples of the Canadian brand’s high-performance outerwear.


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    A part of our Canadian identity, Canada Goose originally began as an answer to our harsh winters. However, their designs are now favoured in warmer climates as well, thanks to the launch of lightweight down and knitwear options; a truly adaptable wardrobe can be created with their wide range of styles. Since its inception, Canada Goose has fulfilled its promise to keep the brand “made in Canada” and currently employs 6% of the cut & sew labour industry in the country.